• Chiropractic Keeps You Healthy & Now Science Discovers How

    Chiropractic Keeps You Healthy & Now Science Discovers How

    Doctors at the University of the Virginia School of Medicine have determined what the Chiropractic profession has known to exist since 1895. The brain and nervous system are directly connected to the immune system. This “new” awareness has huge implications on long-term health and living a long life with exceptional wellness and vitality.

    Chiropractors are educated to look to the spine and nervous system’s function as it relates to whole body function and health. The nervous system controls and coordinates every single tissue, cell, and organ in the body. As a profession, we have understood that to include the immune system. Simply, if the brain and nervous system are not functioning 100%, body systems will suffer. Chiropractors affect the nervous system by adjusting the spinal segments that house the nervous system.

    I believe that this new awareness will fundamentally change the way people look at the central nervous system’s relationship with the immune system. This understanding will likely have profound impact on the study and treatment of neurological and auto-immune diseases ranging from Autism to Alzheimer’s disease to Multiple Sclerosis and beyond.