• What is Healthy Posture?

    What is Healthy Posture?

    By now, most agree that proper posture is paramount to a healthy body. So how does one determine if they have proper posture?

    1. Stand up against a wall
    2. Make sure your upper back, shoulders and bottom touch the wall
    3. Your feet don’t have to be against the wall — just a couple of inches away from it
    4. You should have a slight space in your lower back and be able to fit your hands in that space; make sure it’s not a big gap (hyperlordosis)
    5. Then, step away from the wall, and try to see if you can maintain that position. Keep in mind, strengthening your muscles will make it easier for you to maintain that posture overtime.

    It is a good idea to consult with professionals with experience in strengthening proper posture. Your chiropractor should be able to some recommendations. Be careful of overdoing it or hyper-extending your back when exercising.

    Maintaining good posture can help you walk, sit, stand and lie in positions that cause the least pressure on your muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing actions. Also, maintaining proper posture will help you remain vital and healthy as you age.