• Can Money Buy Happiness?

    Can Money Buy Happiness? Maybe, but a recent study found good health is far more important relative to happiness.

    As it turns out, money can buy happiness; or at the very least, help support a happy life. However, money doesn’t seem to be the greatest driver of happiness; being healthy is. A consumer insight consulting group polled over 250,000 people about what helps to create happiness. The goal of the project was to further the collective understanding of happiness and its root causes.

    In part, the survey found that happiness is all around. The polled US population was found to be six times more likely to say they are happy vs. unhappy.

    Although money can’t really buy happiness, the study found that it does seem to help. For many, financial success is closely associated with greater feelings of happiness, especially when considering the ways we splurge on ourselves. For example, people who buy jewelry, eat at upscale restaurants, or make luxury purchases are 23 times more likely to report being generally happy in life.

    Good health, however, was the greatest winner on the “happy quotient”. Being healthy seems to go a long way towards overall happiness. Those who say they are healthy are 143 times more likely to be happy than those who report being unhealthy.

    So common sense seems to dictate, if you want to be happy, be healthy. I know, that is not always easy and that sometimes, optimal health is just not possible. That said, I firmly believe that regardless of the overall state of your body and your health, you can take actions to move towards being as healthy as possible within the frame of your overall personal situation.

    Why not commit to being healthier (and therefore, happier)? Start with these simple steps:

    1. Drink more fresh clean water. The goal is to drink 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, try to drink 150 ounces of clean filtered water daily
    2. Move your body. Depending upon your current health, you may not be able to do all that much at first, and that’s okay, but do something. Start by moving your body a little and then build up to 20 minutes of sustained activity 6 days a week
    3. Rest. Resting allows your body to heal and replenish. Most people do best with 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A cool dark room is best and remember to turn off anything with a “blue screen” about ½ before retiring. This practice will allow important decompression and relaxation of the mind in preparation for deep healing sleep
    4. Finally, eat a few additional servings of healthy fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins. Again, nothing drastic, just slowly start adding in high quality food choices throughout the day

    Remember that Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness’s chiropractors, acupuncturist, and nutritionist are in the office in Rockville, MD to help you meet your health and wellness goals. No matter what is going on with your current health, we want to work with you to help you move towards higher levels of health, wellness, and increased vibrancy for life…

  • Proper Posture Prevents Poor Performance

    Proper Posture Prevents Poor Performance

    The chiropractors at Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness in Rockville, MD teach our patients that proper posture is essential for optimal performance and vitality. We all can recognize poor posture when we see it; if you look around, you will likely notice more than a few examples. Unfortunately, only a few people have an understanding of the importance and necessity of good posture and, perhaps more importantly, how to correct poor posture.

    Why is proper posture important?

    Proper posture enables us to stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions by utilizing supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments during all movement and weight-bearing activities.

    Proper Posture is essential for:

    1. Keeping bones and joints in correct alignment so that our muscles are used correctly
    2. Decreasing the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative arthritis and joint pain
    3. Reducing the stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together thereby minimizing the likelihood of injury
    4. Allowing muscles to work more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy and, therefore, prevent muscle fatigue
    5. Helping prevent muscle strain and overuse disorders, including back and muscular pain

    Many factors can contribute to poor posture:

    1. Stress
    2. Obesity
    3. Pregnancy
    4. Weak postural muscles
    5. Abnormally tight muscles
    6. High-heeled shoes

    Additionally, poor flexibility, stressful work environments leading to incorrect working postures, and excessive sitting or standing without changing positions can all contribute to poor body positioning.

    So what can be done to correct and then maintain proper posture?

    Dr. Glenn Molin leads a team of chiropractors, an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, chiropractic assistants, and the supportive staff at Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness in developing health programs aimed at correcting and maintaining proper body posture.

    We invite you to take advantage of our website special and receive a complimentary new chiropractic patient visit at no charge. The goal is to develop a plan to help you bring your posture to an optimal state. Your first session will include a postural evaluation, a chiropractic examination, and a complete orthopedic and neurological evaluation of any problem areas. Our chiropractors will then explain to you what your examination revealed, if we can help you, and if necessary and acceptable to you, a postural correction chiropractic treatment.

    Please call us today at 301-321-0050 to take advantage of our offer and get on the road to good healthy posture and increased vitality for life…

  • Headaches? Try stretching and strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles.

    Headaches? Try stretching and strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles.

    Strengthening and stretching neck and shoulder muscles may help to decrease the onset and severity of muscle tension headaches. Recent research found that neck and shoulder muscles can be up to 26 percent weaker and also be imbalanced between the right and left sides in people who suffer from tension headaches.

    People with tension-type headaches often feel like they have a tight band wrapped around their head; like they are wearing a hat that is too tight. Tension headaches typically cause less pain than is felt from cluster headaches or migraine headaches, but can still be quite painful and decrease vitality and zest for life.

    Chiropractic care often has great success treating many types of headaches, including tension-type headaches, naturally and without drugs. The chiropractors at Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness in Rockville, MD have specialized training correcting the muscle-skeletal impact that can cause tension-type headaches.

    “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others”. Let the caring Doctors and staff at Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness help you claim your Vibrancy for Life…

  • Health, Wisdom, Art, Strength, & Wealth

    Health, Wisdom, Art, Strength, & Wealth

    “When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted, Wealth is useless and Reason is Powerless.” –Herophiles, 300 BC

    Health and wellness is a precious commodity.

    Chiropractic care is an important natural approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vitality Chiropractic and Medical Wellness, Rockville Maryland, strives to help our patients claim vibrant health and wellness naturally.

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