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I was greeted by individuals who love their job

I was greeted by individuals who love their job. I felt warm and appreciated while waiting and registering. The staff are all professional and I would refer many to this office.

latishac Rockville , MD December 12, 2015

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The team treat me like a family member.

The team treat me like a family member. The Dr. check my case every visit then adjust the best treatment suit my health. Encourage me to have confidence to get better and better.

billyz Rockville , MD December 25, 2015

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The entire process was outstanding.

The entire process was outstanding.

johnettac Mitchellville , MD December 29, 2015

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My improving health is proof that his methods work wonders.

Each patient really matters as a person. They take your overall good health as their goal. It is an added benefit that Dr. Molin is intuitive about how to get the best results. He takes the time to assess your mood and stress level as well as your physical state. My improving health is proof that his methods work wonders.

anonymous Rockville , MD January 13, 2016

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Attentive and always very courteous staff.

Attentive and always very courteous staff. Their rehabilitation methods and practices have helped me to regain 30% of my original condition in 45 days.

juang Silver Spring , MD February 13, 2016

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Thank you so much !

It may sound silly, but after my appointment I could sit down at the table with my family and enjoy dinner. Prior to that, I spent several days lying down on the floor due to excruciating back and sciatic pain. My only regret was not going to then sooner. Thank you so much!

anonymous Rockville , MD March 1, 2016

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Dr. Molin saw me on time and did a wonderful job

This crotchety 74-year old suffering from severe arthritis, poor hearing and other age related health problems, tripped over his cat and fell bruising knees, arm and ear. As I experienced sharp pain in my back when getting out of my chair it was clear that I'd done some damage. After a few days treating the pain with a heating pad (learned that this did more damage) there wasn't any improvement. So, I called to make an appointment with Dr. Molin. Reception was very helpful and managed to get me an appointment for the next day. Forms were sent to me to fill in an advance of my visit. My only criticism of Vitality is that the form is very poorly designed - boxes are too small and, for my weakening eyesight, difficult to read. The boxes are so small that, with my shaky handwriting, I had difficulty filling the boxes. I strongly recommend that Vitality have somebody redesign their forms and then, using Adobe Acrobat Professional, generate PDF forms which can be filled in and then printed. This isn't difficult to do. Anyway, Dr. Molin saw me on time and did a wonderful job of diagnosing and treating my problem. Most importantly, he explained, in simple terms that I could understand, what had happened. He was very patient and understanding. After Dr. Molin manipulated my back and his pleasant staff used TENS treatment, I went home and didn't experience any pain when getting in and out of my chair. Today, a day later, I'm experiencing mild discomfort when getting out of the chair. I'm confident that another treatment scheduled for tomorrow will be effective and it won't be long before my back is completely cured.

ivans Rockville , MD March 3, 2016

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It’s always a great experience when I go

It's always a great experience when I go. I always leave as a brand new woman when I leave.

clairew Rockville , MD March 5, 2016

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